Can You Hunt Canada Geese in Alberta?

Canada Geese are managed by the Migratory Birds Convention Act of Canada. This is a Federal Act that regulates migratory birds in Canada. One of the things the act regulates is hunting of these birds.

Can you hunt Canada Geese in Alberta? You can hunt Canada geese in Alberta with a Federally issued license. There are open seasons based on the region, and quantity limits.

Everything you need to know about hunting Canada Geese in Alberta

The link above is the official Government of Canada page regarding hunting Canada Geese in Alberta.

Here is a brief overview:

How Can I Hunt Canada Geese Legally?

You can get a federally issued hunting license specifically for hunting migratory birds. It is issued by the Canadian government and is valid in every single province and territory.

Essentially you will be required to carry a valid Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit, with a Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp on the permit.

Where Can I Hunt Canada Geese in Alberta?

The migratory birds hunting license is valid in certain regions or WMUs (Wildlife Management Units). Alberta is broken into two larger sections called zone 1 and zone 2. Each zone contains many individual WMUs.

Here is a look at the zone map for Alberta.

Alberta is split into 2 separate hunting zones for migratory birds. Zone 1 and Zone 2.

When Can I Hunt Canada Geese in Alberta?

Both zone 1 and zone 2 generally have an open season sometime between September and December.

This is for the combination of Canada Geese, Cackling Geese and White-fronted Geese.

For example, the 2022 open Season is as follows:

  • Zone 1: September 1 to December 16
  • Zone 2: September 8 to December 23

How Many Canada Geese am I Allowed to Hunt at a Time in Alberta?

The daily bag limit and the possession limit is combined for Canada Geese, Cackling Geese and White-fronted Geese.

The limits in Alberta are currently the same for both zones. The limits are:

  • Daily Bag Limit = 8
  • Possession Limit = 24

In Summary

  • Hunting of migratory birds is managed at the federal level in Canada through the Migratory Bird Convention Act.
  • To hunt Canada Geese in Alberta you need a Canadian Migratory Bird License.
  • You can hunt during specific dates between September and December.
  • The daily bag limits and possession bag limits for Canada Geese are combined with Cackling Geese and White-fronted Geese.

Can You Make Moonshine in Alberta?

They call it ”moonshine” because people used to make it at night. They secretly made it at night because it was illegal. Moonshine is a high proof spirit that is outlawed in many places around the world due to health and safety concerns.

Can you make moonshine in Alberta? It is illegal to make moonshine in Alberta without proper legal permissions. It is possible for a brewery to manufacture and sell moonshine in Alberta with permits and licensing.

Here is an interesting read about an Edmonton man who started making moonshine. He took all the necessary legal steps with the Alberta:

To take his white lightning to market, de Groot said he had to work closely with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to attain the proper licences.

Read The CBC Article here

Without the proper licensing from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the average citizen is not allowed to make moonshine privately. It is considered to be highly dangerous.

The most relevant section of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act is the following:

Taken from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.

Read the Full Act here

Moonshine is considered to be a ”spirit”. According to this act, an adult may make cider, wine and beer up to a certain legal quantity. However, you can not make spirits without a license.

In Summary

  • Moonshine is illegal or controlled in many places in the world. It gets it’s name from illegal brewing at night time.
  • It is not legal to make homemade moonshine in Alberta.
  • It is possible to make moonshine in Alberta with proper licensing.
  • Other types of homemade alcohol are legal to brew in Alberta without licensing. You can make beer, wine and cider. There are legal quantity limits.

Can You Own a Pet Rat in Alberta?

Alberta has an official list of animals that are controlled. There are strict regulations on what can be a pet without permits or special permissions. Municipalities may also have additional restrictions and regulations through bylaws.

Can you own a pet rat in Alberta? It is illegal to own a rat in Alberta. Alberta is famous for it’s anti-rat policies. It is one of the most rat free regions of the world.

In Part 1: Mammals, top of page 6, of the Alberta Controlled Animals list, you will find ”True Rats (Genus Rattus)”. You will also find other rat and mouse-like species in this document.

You can read more about Alberta’s Rat Free policies here.

In Summary

  • You can not legally own a rat in Alberta.
  • Alberta is famous for being a rat free region of the world. Decades of actively poisoning and trapping rats has kept rats away.
  • You can refer to the controlled animals list to determine which animals you can legally keep as pets in Alberta.

Can You Have a Pet Duck in Alberta?

The legality of owning certain animals as pets in generally up to the Provincial Government. Alberta has a long list of controlled animals. When it comes to certain Wildlife like ducks, there is a bit more to it.

Is it legal to own a pet duck in Alberta? You can not own a pet duck in Alberta. Part 2 of the Alberta Controlled Animals list refers you to the Migratory Birds Convention Act of Canada.


So then what does the Canada Migratory Birds Act say?

Anatidae, or waterfowl (ducks, geese and swans) are covered under the federal migratory act. Provinces can have additional laws and regulations.

Read the Canada Migratory Convention Act here.

In Summary

  • Alberta has a controlled animals list. You can check the legality of most animals against this list.
  • Duck and other migratory birds are a special case. Canada has federal laws that co-operate with the USA.
  • The Canada Migratory Birds Convention Act dictates that you can not have a pet duck without permits and special permissions in Alberta, and across the country.

Are Sugar Gliders Legal in Alberta?

The laws regarding who can own a certain species are generally a provincial matter. Alberta has a list called the ”Controlled Animals List”, under the Fish and Wildlife Policy Division.

Are Sugar Gliders Legal in Alberta? It is perfectly legal to own a pet Sugar Glider in Alberta. The Sugar Glider (Genus Petaurus Shaw) is in the Petauridae Family. This is not currently on the Alberta Controlled Animals list.

Here is the entire Alberta Controlled Animals list.

Not only are Sugar Gliders legal, but you can buy them casually from private sellers. Check kijiji, Facebook and other similar online marketplaces.

Should You Have a Pet Sugar Glider?

Sugar gliders may be legal to own, but the question of should you own one is different. They require plenty of space. In the wild, they use their gliding membrane to travel from tree to tree. Not many people’s homes are equipped for this.

Always do your research before owning any pet, especially an exotic animal that may not be native to your home environment.

A good article on how to raise a sugar glider

In Summary

  • Sugar gliders are legal to own as pets in Alberta. They are not listed on the controlled animals list.
  • Some towns and cities may have their own bylaws. Check your local laws.
  • Always research any pet before buying. Exotic pets are prone to being trendy, then end up not being cared for properly.
Can You Legally Own a Capybara as a Pet in Alberta?

Alberta has a long list of controlled animals and protected wildlife. Some animals require a permit, and some are outright banned.

There has been an increasing trend of interest Capybaras. Many people keep them as pets, though they do require a great deal of space and maintenance.

Can you legally own a Capybara as a pet in Alberta, Canada? Yes, you can legally own a pet Capybara in Alberta. They are currently not listed on the controlled animals list.

Complete Alberta Controlled Animals list

This link will take you to the 19 page long list of controlled animals in Alberta. A controlled animal can be owned with a permit. This is typically a facility like a zoo or animal welfare organization.

It is important to note, that some municipalities may have their own restrictions. The town or city you live in may have a bylaw. Check with your municipal government.

The Capybara is a mammal of the caviidae family, and the hydrochoerus genus. They are the largest living rodent.

While the capybara is currently legal to own, this does not necessarily mean you should own one.

The Capybara is a big responsibility that requires the proper environment, which includes plenty of space to roam and water to swim in. Be sure to do plenty of research before you proceed.

In Summary

  • Alberta has a list of animals that are controlled provincially. Municipalities may have further restrictions like bylaws.
  • Yes, the capybara is a pet you can legally own in Alberta without permits.
  • Capybaras are legal to own, but they are not recommended without the proper environment and knowledge of care.

Can You Own a Fox in Alberta?

There are certain pets in Alberta that are controlled or outright banned by the Provincial Government. In many cases, there are additional layers of restrictions by local authorities.

For example, an animal may not be controlled provincially, but there is a bylaw in your city or town. Always check with your local bylaws for additional information.

Is it legal to own a fox in Alberta? No, you can not legally own a fox in Alberta. The fox (Genus Vulpes) is a controlled animal. This includes the Fennec Fox (Genus Vulpes).

Of course some controlled animals can be owned with proper permits. This is typically reserved for special cases such as zoos and wildlife preservation organizations.

You can view the long list of controlled animals in Alberta here.

That link will open the full document. Scroll down to page 6, under ”All Dog-Like (Family Canidae).

All Other Controlled Fox Species in Alberta:

  • Gray Foxes
  • Arctic Fox
  • South American Foxes
  • Crab-eating Fox
  • Bat-eared Fox

In Summary

  • Alberta has a long list of controlled animal species. Municipalities can add additional restrictions with bylaws.
  • Foxes (Genus Vulpes) are a controlled animal in Alberta. This includes the Fennec Fox.
  • Animals on the Alberta Controlled Animals list can not be owned as a pet legally, without special permits and permissions.

Are Barbed Hooks Legal in Alberta?

There has been some debate online with regard to the barbed hooks question lately. The confusion is the result of a mix up between the Provincial Government of Alberta and the Federal Government of Canada.

Hopefully we can clear up some of the confusion.

Are Barbed Hooks Legal in Alberta? Yes, it is legal to use barbed hooks in Alberta. It was illegal from April 2004 to September 2011.

A province wide ban was put in place in 2004. Then in 2011, Fisheries and Oceans Canada made an amendment to the federal regulations that unintentionally removed the ban on barbed hooks in Alberta.


For a period of time after the legal change, hundreds of anglers were incorrectly fined, then rectified later on.

So at the moment, you will not be fined for fishing with a barbed hook. Using the barbs is a personal choice.

Most fishing hooks sold in Alberta stores are barbed because they are manufactured outside of Canada. Even when barbed hooks were illegal, it was your responsibility to crush the barbs with a tool like pliers.

It is still recommended and encouraged to crush your barbs anyway, regardless of the legal status. Especially for catch and release.

There are pros and cons for using or not using barbs. It is up to you to use common sense and use them in the right circumstances.

In Summary

  • Barbed hooks used to be banned from 2004 to 2011.
  • It is currently legal to use barbed hooks in Alberta.
  • The government of Alberta did not technically remove the ban, but an update to the federal laws made it legal in Alberta.

Are Ball Pythons Legal in Alberta?

Legislation on what pets you can and can’t own are provincial jurisdiction. Alberta has an regularly updated list of animals that are restricted or controlled.

Are Ball Pythons Legal in Alberta? Yes, ball pythons are perfectly legal to own as pets in Alberta. They are not listed as one of Alberta’s Controlled Animals.

You can view the entire Alberta Controlled Animals List here.

If you open up that document, you will need to scroll down to ”Part 3 Reptiles (Class Reptilia). Then scroll a little further to find a list of snakes. Pythons are in the family of Pythonidae.

Ball Pythons are not listed in this section, but several other types of python are.

Python types that are listed as controlled in Alberta include: Amethystine, Burmese/Indian Rock, Oenpelli, Reticulated, and African Rock Pythons.

There are also Ball Python social media groups in Alberta you can join. Such as this “Alberta Ball Pythons” Facebook Group.

In Summary

  • Legality of types of pets you can own is a provincial matter. The laws may be different in other provinces.
  • Municipalities can also have additional bylaws and restrictions above what is discussed here.
  • Ball Pythons are legal to own as pets in Alberta. They are not listed as a controlled animal.
  • Some other types of python are listed as controlled.

Are Axolotls Legal in Alberta?

The legality of owning certain pets is a provincial matter. There is no Federal law against owning axolotls in Canada.

Some provinces have made axolotl ownership restricted or outright banned.

Are axolotls legal in Alberta? Yes, axolotls are legal to own as pets in Alberta. They are not listed on the Alberta Controlled Animals List.

Entire Alberta Controlled Animals List

Axolotls (also called ”Mexican Walking Fish”) would be listed under part 4: Amphibians (Class Amphibia). They are in the Ambystomatidae Family (Mole Salamanders).

The axolotl is not listed, but other mole salamanders that are controlled are: Northwest, Blue-spotted, Spotted, Marbled, Smallmouth, and Giant Salamanders.

Some other controlled salamanders are lungless salamanders (plethodontidae family) such as: Eastern Red-backed, Northern Slimy, Western Red-backed, and Red Salamanders.

Not only are axolotls perfectly legal in Alberta, you can join this Facebook page called Axolotls of Alberta. This is a community of Axolotl owners in Alberta that share photos, and tips and tricks about caring for their axolotl.

Axolotls were originally brought to Canada for research purposes. Eventually they became pets in the public sphere.

You are safe to keep an axolotl as a pet in your home in Alberta, but you will need to do more research on other provinces if you plan to change locations.

Importing and exporting axolotls in and out of Canada is another area that gets more complicated. You would have to refer to the Canadian CITES Permit program here.

In Summary

  • You can own an axolotl as a pet legally in Alberta.
  • Ownership legality of axolotls in Canada is a provincial matter. They are not controlled in Alberta, but they are controlled in some other provinces such as B.C.
  • Importing and exporting is regulated through the Canadian CITES Permit program.