Are There Wolf Spiders in Alberta?

Wolf Spiders (Lycosidae) are found in many parts of the world. In general, they can be found on most continents except for Antarctica, and you are unlikely to find them on Oceanic Islands.

Are there Wolf Spiders in Alberta? Yes, there are Wolf Spiders in Alberta. They are found throughout the province, but mostly in grassy or woodland regions.

They are called “Wolf Spiders” because of the way they actively hunt for their prey, rather than spin webs to catch food like other types of spiders.


Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Wolf Spiders are generally not aggressive and are considered harmless to humans. They can bite, and they do have venom, but it’s rare and the venom is not typically a health threat for people.

In Summary

  • There are wolf spiders in Alberta. They are commonly found on almost every continent of earth.
  • They prefer grassy areas or the woods.
  • They are called wolf spiders due to the way the hunt rather than spin webs.
  • They are considered harmless to people.