Can A Peace Officer Pull You Over In Alberta?

A Peace Officer in Alberta is more than one type of officer. It is a term that covers several kinds. While you may have seen vehicles that say ”Peace Officer” on the side, many other officers are considered Peace Officers in the law.

Can a Peace Officer pull you over in Alberta? A Peace Officer can pull you over in Alberta. According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, a peace officer may signal or direct a driver of a vehicle to stop the vehicle, and request information from the driver of the vehicle and any passengers in the vehicle.

It continues on from there to explain more activities that a Peace Officer may do.

Full Alberta Traffic Safety Act

You will find this section by scrolling all the way down to Section 8: Division 3: ”Peace Officers”.

What is a Peace Officer in Alberta?

The Alberta Traffic Safety Act defines a ”Peace Officer” as a police officer under the Police Act; a member of a police service under the Police Act; an investigator designated under section 2.1; a peace officer appointed under the Peace Officer Act for the purposes of this Act; a park warden appointed under the Parks Canada Agency Act (Canada); a conservation officer appointed under section 1 of Schedule 3.1 to the Government Organization Act; a forest officer appointed under the Forests Act; a wildlife officer appointed under the Wildlife Act.

This is all found under the same act linked to above. It is under the “Interpretation” section.

In Summary

  • Any Alberta Peace Officer can pull you over and request documentation.
  • They may also request information from your passengers.
  • Many types of law enforcement are covered under the definition of Peace Officer in Alberta.