Can You Lane Split in Alberta?

Lane splitting or filtering goes by a number of different names such as Lane sharing, stripe riding, filtering, and white lining. In essence, it’s the act of taking advantage of the small size of the motorcycle to reduce traffic and bottlenecks. A motorbike could easily slip past and between slow moving or stopped vehicles.

Can you lane split in Alberta? Lane splitting is illegal in Alberta and across Canada. Any attempt to split lanes or “filter” would be considered to be reckless driving or driving left of centre line, or any other applicable law that the authorities deem appropriate in the situation.


Many advocacy groups have been pushing for lane splitting to be legalized. There are a number of positives that come from lane splitting and filtering. It can be a great way to reduce traffic congestion.

The argument from the other side is that it can be a dangerous activity, and that motorcycles are essentially weaving in and out of traffic.

In Summary

  • Lane splitting is not legal in Alberta or the rest of Canada.
  • Attempting to filter or split lanes would come with legal consequences like fines or tickets.
  • There are groups that are actively trying to get lane splitting legalized.
  • There are arguments to be made for the positive benefits of lane splitting, such as safety and traffic efficiency.