How Much Does Cremation Cost in Alberta?

There are different types of cremation services, and many funeral service providers in Alberta. This makes it tricky to pinpoint one exact cost.

How much does cremation cost in Alberta? The average cost of basic cremation services in Alberta is $1,222 CAD. This is for the most basic cremation service called ”Direct Cremation”. No ceremonies or celebrations and no fancy urn, just a basic container.

This is simply an average taken from crematoriums and funeral homes in Edmonton and Calgary. No two services will be exactly the same, but this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Edmonton example

Calgary example

Most funeral homes are great about keeping things simple. You will likely be asked to select a package, and they will take care of the rest.

In Summary

  • The average cost of direct cremation in Alberta is typically around $1200 CAD.
  • This is basic cremation services only. This means cremation only and return the ashes to the family in a very basic container. A fancy urn would cost extra.
  • There are usually options to temporarily rent a casket for the purposes of a viewing or funeral services. Then the body can be cremated later.
  • Direct cremation can be a good option for a lower budget. After cremation, a service or celebration of life can take place with family and friends at any time and any place. The place does not have to be a fancy expensive venue.