Can a Class 7 Drive on the Highway in Alberta?

The class 7 license is also known as a learners permit in Alberta. Class 7 drivers are learning, and therefore require supervision and have a number of restrictions.

Can a class 7 drive on the highway in Alberta? Yes, a class 7 license holder can drive on the highway in Alberta. A learners permit allows you to drive any class 5 or 6 vehicle on the same roads as a fully licensed driver. However, a class 7 driver must always be accompanied by a fully licensed adult supervisor.

All Class 7 Restrictions

Class 7 drivers are typically new drivers who have completed a written exam and are now ready to learn to drive in the real world.

The best way to get this experience is by driving in all the same ways an experienced driver would. This includes all the roads, parking lots, and highways.

A class 7 learner must always have an adult (18+) supervising. The supervisor must have a class 5 drivers license (not a GDL), and must be seated in the front passenger seat.

There are other limitations on class 7 drivers to be aware of as well, including not driving after midnight.

In Summary

  • Yes, a class 7 driver can drive on highways
  • Class 7 learners are new drivers that should be practicing their driving skills in all scenarios and road types
  • Class 7 drivers must always have fully licensed adult supervision in the front passé seat at all times.