Can I keep a pet crocodile or alligator in Alberta?

Alberta has a list of legally controlled animals. These are all the animals broken down by species and type that are banned from owning casually.
In some cases, you could get a permit or special allowances to own that animal, but this is usually zoos and other professional wildlife agencies.

So what about alligators and crocs? Can I keep a pet crocodile or alligator in Alberta? No, you can not legally own an alligator or crocodile as a pet in Alberta, Canada. Both animals are listed on the Alberta controlled animals list.

Find the Alberta Controlled Animals List here

Here is a screenshot of the relevant section of the Alberta Controlled Animals document:

Section of Alberta Controlled Animals Document that mentions Alligators and crocodiles.

This is under part 3: Reptiles of the controlled animals list.

You can see here that both crocodiles and alligators are restricted. Not just certain types, but all of them. The whole family.

All Alligators and Caimans

(Family Alligatordae)

  • Alligator (genus alligator)
  • Spectacled Caimans (genus caiman)
  • Black Caimans (melanosuchus niger)
  • Smooth-fronted and dwarf caimans (genus paleosuchus)

All Crocodiles

(family crocodylidae)

  • Crocodiles (genus crocodylus)
  • Dwarf Crocodile (osteolaemus tetraspis)
  • Tomistoma: False Gavial (tomistoma schlegeli)

In Summary

  • Alligators and crocodiles are both on the Alberta controlled animals list, which means you can not legally own them as pets.
  • Some controlled animals on the list can be owned with permits.
  • Even if an animal is not on the list, you should still check local municipal laws and bylaws.