Can You Buy Menthol Cigarettes in Alberta?

The laws on cigarettes and vaping have got much more restrictive over the years. Not just in the province of Alberta, but across Canada in general.

Can you buy menthol cigarettes in Alberta? You can not legally buy or sell menthol cigarettes in Alberta. They are banned across Canada.


Alberta was one of the first provinces in Canada to ban menthol cigarettes on September 30, 2015. Nova Scotia was the first province to ban them.

Many more provinces eventually followed suit. Eventually, most Canadian Provinces had a menthol cigarette ban.

Finally, the Federal Government of Canada introduced a country wide ban in October of 2017. This covered the final few provinces.

Many flavoured tobacco products were initially banned excluding menthol, then menthol was later added to the restrictions.

The main concern was that flavoured tobacco products were targeting minors.

In Summary

  • You can not buy or sell menthol cigarettes in Alberta.
  • Flavoured tobacco and vaping products were initially restricted without a menthol ban. Soon after, menthol was included in the ban.
  • Alberta was one of the first province to introduce the menthol ban.
  • The concern was that flavouring of these types of products were targeting the underage population. Studies showed that a third of minors who smoked, were smoking menthol after the initial flavouring ban.