Can You Own a Kangaroo in Alberta?

Many types of exotic pets and wildlife are considered ”controlled” in Alberta. Sometimes it is for safety of the general public, but often times it is to manage populations and the ecosystem.

Can you own a kangaroo in Alberta? You can legally own a kangaroo without a permit in Alberta, Canada. Kangaroos are not named on the Alberta Controlled Wildlife list.

You would still have to follow all laws and bylaws pertaining to proper care and handling of a pet. For example, your neighbours could call the bylaw officer about your kangaroo getting off your property. This is no different than owning a dog or a cat.

You should also double check your local bylaws for anything to do with kangaroos in particular. The Alberta Controlled Animals List is a provincial matter only, not necessarily municipal.

Here is the full species list of controlled animals. Kangaroos are not listed:

List of Controlled Animals in Alberta

For further evidence that kangaroos are legal in Alberta, here is a news story about a pet kangaroo named Dingo at a pet store.

In Summary

  • It is legal to own a kangaroo in Alberta without permits and licensing.
  • Kangaroos are not currently listed as a controlled animal by Alberta Fish and Wildlife.
  • You should still check with the local bylaws that may have their own additional restrictions.