Can You Sleep in Your Car in Alberta?

Fatigued driving is very dangerous and leads to many crashes, injuries and deaths on Alberta roads each year. It is estimated that being awake for 17 to 19 hours is the equivalent of a .05 blood alcohol level. This is considered impaired in the Province of Alberta.

Can you sleep in your car in Alberta? There is no law against sleeping in your car in Alberta. As long as you are being safe and following any rules that pertain to you parking in that particular spot. The actual act of sleeping inside your car is not a crime.


Pulling over safely when you are tired (where permitted) is not only legal, it is encourage by the government of Alberta and authorities.

If you are too tired to keep driving, it is always wise to safely pull over to the side of the road.

Obviously, it is safest to pull out into designated rest stops or where shoulders are the widest. But sometimes this is not an option and it is safer to get off the road than to risk continuing to find a better spot. Use hazards and pull over as far as you can.

Fatigued driving is not the only reason to sleep in your car. It may be a matter of convenience. Either way, there are places you can and can not park your car. Some places may only allow parking for a defined amount of time.

Examples of Where You Can Park Your Car to Sleep:

  • Designated Rest stops
  • Truck Stop
  • Walmart Parking lots in designated areas
  • Camp sites (usually not free)
  • Any private land or business that gives you permission

In Summary

  • There is no law against sleeping in your car in Alberta.
  • There are restrictions and parameters on where you can park your car while sleeping.
  • It is possible to be so fatigued that you are considered impaired.
  • Pulling over safely to the side of the road when tired is encouraged.