Can a Minor Sell Cigarettes in Alberta?

Alberta has very strict laws when it comes to selling tobacco and vaping products. Stores must hide these products from view of minors. Selling these products to minors comes with severe consequences.

But what about an underaged employee of the store?

Can a minor sell cigarettes and vaping products in Alberta? An employee who’s under 18 is allowed to sell tobacco and vaping products; but an employee who’s 17 or younger who smokes or otherwise uses a tobacco or vaping product is breaking the law.

This is taken directly from the Alberta Health Services Tobacco Retailer Toolkit.

The Alberta Tobacco Retailer Toolkit

While it is highly illegal to sell these products to minors, it is ok for a minor employee of a retailer to participate in the selling side of the transaction.

All of this is under the assumption that the retailer (employer) did an adequate job of training the employee and equipped the store properly according to the tobacco and vaping regulations.

In Summary

  • A minor employee is allowed to sell cigarette and vaping products in Alberta. They can not buy them.
  • Retailers must follow all tobacco and vaping laws, which includes proper training on selling these products, regardless of the age of the employee.
  • Violations of these regulations lead to expensive fines and legal consequences.