How Much Is Tax In Alberta?

There a many types of taxes that Albertans pay. Taxes range from income taxes, goods and services taxes, fuel taxes and more. We can cover this topic in depth below, but most people who ask this question are looking for income tax and consumption tax, so let’s answer that first.

How much is tax in Alberta? Alberta pays a G.S.T (Goods and services tax) of %5 on many everyday items but not everything, as some things are exempt. Albertans also pay income tax based on a series of brackets, ie a progressive scale. However, most Albertans will fall into the category that will pay %10 in income taxes.

Alberta Income Tax Brackets

  • The Alberta basic amount is $19,369. This means the first $19,369 of your income will not have provincial tax.
  • The first $131,220 of income is taxed at %10 (After the basic amount).
  • Each dollar above $131,220, up to $157,464 is taxed at %12.
  • Each dollar above $157,464, up to $209,952 is taxed at %13.
  • Each dollar above $209,952, up to $314,928 is taxed at %14.
  • Each dollar above $314,928, and beyond, is taxed at %15.

These numbers are current as of the 2022 tax year. More detailed tax chart here.

As an Albertan, you pay this income tax as a Provincial tax, but you will additionally pay a Federal income tax. With both income taxes combined, the average Alberta tax payer will pay approximately %25 to %30.