Is Mole Removal Covered by Alberta Health Care?

Alberta Health Care covers most services that are deemed medically necessary. When it comes to mole removal, it is no different.

Is mole removal covered by Alberta Health Care? Yes, mole removal is covered if it is deemed to have an atypical presentation and abnormal histology under the microscope. The consultation and mole removal will be fully covered with a physician referral.

It should be noted that mole removal would not be covered if it is solely for cosmetic purposes.

Most moles and skin tags are benign and generally harmless.

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost in Alberta?

Mole removal costs and associated fees vary by clinic. The costs also depend on the extensiveness of the procedure. The type of removal technique used, the size of the moles, the number of moles and so on.

Here is a sample of cost ranges from an Edmonton clinic:

Shave Removal$125 – $1,500+
Excision$300 – $600+
Laser Removal$200 – $1,250+
Cryotherapy Freezing$65 – $400+
Removal Cream$25 – $250+
Pathology Cost (biopsy testing)$125 – $200


In Summary

  • Mole removal is covered by the Alberta Health Care plan, but only if it is deemed medically necessary
  • Mole removal for cosmetic purposes are not covered, but you can get the procedure done out of pocket
  • The costs depend on the type of removal and the extend of the operation