What is a My Alberta Digital ID?

Many Canadian provinces are moving towards more digital access to services, and away from physical cards and documents. Alberta is no different in this regard.

What is the My Alberta Digital ID? The MyAlberta Digital ID is a digital form of identification. It is secure and backed by the Government of Alberta. The MyAlberta Digital ID is free, and provides access to many government sites and services.

The main idea is to access Alberta government products and services more efficiently, without the need to provide documentation to prove your identity.

How to get a MyAlberta Digital ID

Getting a MyAlberta Digital ID is free. Simply register for a new account online here.

You can set up a basic account with just an email address, or a verified account with an Alberta driver’s license or identification card.

Does Your Alberta Digital ID Expire?

Yes, the verified Alberta Digital ID expires after 1 year, or when your drivers license or identification card expires.

What Can I Do with a MyAlberta Digital ID?

There are many Alberta government services that you can access, and more services being added. Currently, you can use an Alberta Digital ID to quickly access the following:

MyAlberta E-Services:

  • Fine Payments
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Birth Certificates
  • MyAlberta Fine Searches

My Service Canada Account:

  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Canada Pension Plan disability
  • Old Age Security (OAS).

Apply Alberta:

Apply to one or more Alberta post-secondary institutions using ApplyAlberta.

MyHealth Records:

  • Immunizations – Immunizations you’ve had in Alberta
  • Medications – Medications administered from community pharmacies
  • Lab Tests – Results from common lab tests

In Summary

The MyAlberta Digital ID is an identification system. It is intended to eliminate verification through traditional documentation methods.

The MyAlberta Digital ID is free, and allows for access to many government sites and services. You can simply login online and access personal records and information.

Video Explanation of the MyAlberta Digital ID program.