What Types of Salamanders are in Alberta?

Alberta is home to 2 main types of salamanders. They prefer environments that are wet or moist. Most salamanders hang out near bodies of water, or where the ground is regularly wet. Alberta has plenty of this.

What types of salamanders are in Alberta? The Long-Toed Salamander and the (Western) Tiger Salamander are the 2 main types of salamanders in Alberta.

How to tell the difference between Tiger Salamander and Long-Toed Salamander

These salamanders can be found throughout most of the province. They are mostly in Southern and Eastern-Central Alberta.

How Many Salamanders are there in Alberta?

There is no perfectly accurate salamander population count that has been conducted. The latest sampling counts estimate that there are at least 10,000 salamanders in Alberta.

Are Salamanders an Endangered Species in Alberta?

The Long-Toed salamander is not endangered, but is listed as a ”Species of Concern” in Alberta.


In Summary

  • The 2 main types of salamanders found in Alberta are the Long-Toed Salamander and the Tiger Salamander.
  • Salamanders can be found generally throughout the province, but mostly near bodies of water.
  • There is no official population count, but we know of at least 10 thousand salamanders.
  • Salamanders are not officially endangered in Alberta, but they are listed as a species of concern. More data and investigation is needed to determine a status.