Am I Allowed to Own a Pure Wolf in Alberta?

The Alberta Wildlife Act dictates what types of pets are legal to own in the province. Some local authorities may have additional bylaws that overlap these laws.

Is it legal to own a pure wolf as a pet in Alberta? No, you can not legally own a pure wolf as a pet in Alberta. These are deemed to be fur bearing wildlife that is outlawed unless you have special documentation and permissions such as a zoo or wildlife conservation facility.


However, you may own a wolf/dog mixed breed. These wolf and dog hybrids are not provincially banned, and do not require any permits. You would still need to check your local bylaws for legality in your area.

In Summary

  • You can not have a pure Wolf as a pet in Alberta.
  • Pure wolves can only be owned with special documentation and permission. Usually for zoos or wildlife conservation organizations.
  • While pure wolves are generally outlawed, you may own a hybrid of a dog and a wolf. Though you still need to check the bylaws in your municipality. Hybrids are not banned on the provincial level.