Are There Fleas In Alberta?

You may have heard the myth that there are no fleas in Alberta, or in Canada in general due to the colder climate. This is just a myth indeed.

Are there fleas in Alberta? There are plenty fleas in Alberta. Albertans may experience a temporary break from flea issues during the winter months, but Alberta summers are optimal temperatures and humidity for fleas to thrive.

Fleas like a humidity of 70 to 85 Percent, and temperatures ranging from 21 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. This is a typical temperature range for an Alberta summer season. The humidity is not usually quite that high, but high enough for fleas.


When Is Flea and Tick Season in Alberta?

Alberta Flea Season

So while Albertans get a temporary reprieve from fleas in the winter months, there is most risk of fleas (peak flea season) from August to October, though depending on the year, this can be extended out if it’s warmer.

A great resource to learn about fleas in Alberta visit this government of Alberta page here.

Alberta Tick Season

Alberta tick season is similar to flea season, with the peak being over the summer months and into October, but ticks can survive in colder temperatures as well.

In Summary

  • While it’s true that colder climates can be hard on fleas and therefore lower the overall prevalence, unfortunately for Albertans, we do not get to completely escape the little pests.
  • Dogs can get fleas and ticks in Alberta. There are over the counter treatments for fleas for your pets