Can You Laminate Your Alberta Health Card?

Many new Alberta residents are surprised by the lack of quality of paper Health Care cards. These card stock paper IDs are required to access many publicly funded medical services in Alberta.

Alberta has done it this low cost way since 1969, when they were first introduced.

Manitoba is another province that has these low quality cards that are damage prone. Most other provinces have something with a bit more durability.

Can you laminate your Alberta Health Card? The answer is Yes, you can laminate your Alberta Health Card. In fact, it is recommended by the Provincial Government of Alberta. The recommendation is to laminate the card, or put it in a plastic sleeve. Some registry offices sell plastic sleeves that are the right size. Some people simply use clear tape.

It doesn’t take long for an Alberta Health card to get torn in your wallet, or get destroyed in the wash. Laminating or using a plastic sleeve is both perfectly legal and recommended.

If your Alberta Health card gets destroyed you can get a new one mailed to you.

How do I get a replacement Alberta Health Care card?

To get a new replacement Alberta Health Care card, call 1-780-427-1432, or visit any participation registry agent office, to get a new card free of charge.


In Summary

Alberta Health Care cards are on card stock paper, prone to damage. They wear out easily in your wallet or pocket.

You are legally allowed to laminate your Alberta Health Care card. It is recommended by the Alberta government.

Some registry offices sell plastic sleeves for cards for a few dollars.

If you damage or lose your Alberta Health Care card, you can get a free replacement. Call the number, visit a registry office, or nail in the documents.