Can You Own a Sloth in Alberta?

If you want own exotic pets or wildlife in Alberta, you must first check to see they are not controlled. The province of Alberta keeps an ongoing list of controlled species.

Can you own a sloth in Alberta? Sloths are not currently listed as a controlled animal in Alberta. You do not need a permit to own a sloth. However, there may be regulatory bylaws in your municipality.


There are a variety of different types of sloth. None of these are currently listed in the mammals section of the Alberta controlled animals list.

On a related note, there is an animal called a Sloth Bear. This is a bear, and not actually a sloth, it is just a name. The Sloth Bear is listed on the Alberta controlled species list and you can not own one without a permit or special legal permissions.

Owning a pet of any kind can be challenging, especially an exotic pet that is not native to your environment.

Always be sure to research the animal and it’s needs before getting one. Exotic pets can be trendy, which often leads to people getting involved with an animal then realizing they were not adequately prepared. Everyone in the situation, especially the animal, has a negative outcome.

In Summary

  • Sloths are not currently listed as a controlled animal in Alberta.
  • Controlled animals require permits to own. Usually zoos and other animal welfare organizations.
  • Local municipal bylaws may exist in your town or city regulating these exotic animals.