Can You Own a Wallaby in Alberta?

Alberta keeps a list of controlled species that require permits to own. Surprisingly, there are quite a few exotic pets that are not listed, and can be legally owned.

Can you own a Wallaby in Alberta? You can legally own a Wallaby in Alberta. They are not listed on the Alberta Controlled Animals List.


Wallabies are similar to the kangaroo, but they’re not the same. Kangaroos are also legal to own in Alberta.

This is a Provincial wide regulation, but municipalities can have their own rules. Double check with your local bylaws for specifics on Wallabies.

Most wildlife and exotic pets are on the controlled list, and therefore require permits and special permissions. Usually this is zoos and other professional animal handling organizations.

It is interesting that some animals that are not native to Alberta, such as wallabies, would not be controlled or regulated.

It is possible that wallabies could be added to the list at some point in the future.

In Summary

  • It is legal to own a Wallaby without a permit in Alberta.
  • Alberta keeps an updated list of controlled species under the Fish and Wildlife Act.
  • The Wallaby is not currently on the controlled animals list.