Can You Renew Your Registration Online in Alberta?

When life gets busy, it can be easy to forget your annual vehicle registration. Especially since Alberta registries stopped using the license plate stickers.

What happens if you suddenly realize your mistake and it is due very soon or past due?

Can you renew your registration online? Yes, there is an option to renew your Alberta registration online. However, you must first have a myalberta digital ID. If you already have this, you can follow the steps to renew.

Renew Alberta Vehicle Registration Online here.

If you don’t already have a MyAlberta Digital ID, you will have to get one first. It’s free to do, but it can take up to 10 days to complete the process. If you need to register your vehicle sooner than that, then this will not be a viable option for you.

In this case, you will have no other choice than to go to an Alberta registry office in person.

More information about the MyAlberta Digital ID here.

Other Factors for Renewing Alberta Vehicle Registration Online

In addition to having your MyAlberta Digital ID, you can only register online if:

  • You do not have outstanding fines to pay (can also be paid online beforehand. This is a separate online process)
  • You are renewing an existing registration. (You can not set up a new registration online)
  • There are no changes such as addresses, vehicle change etc.

Basically, if you already have your MyAlberta Digital ID, you have no tickets/fines to pay, and everything is identical to last year, you can visit the link above and get it done.

In Summary

  • You can renew your Alberta Vehicle Registration online, but only if you have a myalberta digital ID, there are no outstanding fees/tickets/fines, and there are no changes being made
  • Getting a digital ID can take up to 10 days (see our article about the MyAlberta Digital ID)
  • Other options include by mail, or in person at any Alberta Registry Office