Can You See Mountains in Edmonton?

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, located in the Northern region of the province. If you take a look at a map of Alberta, you will notice that Calgary is much closer to the Rocky Mountains.

Can you see mountains in Edmonton? You can not see the mountains from Edmonton. Not even from the tallest buildings in the city.

You would have to travel approximately 2 hours West for the Mountains to come into view. Due to the distance and curvature of the Earth, no matter how clear the skies are, it is simply not possible to see that far.

Jasper is a popular destination for mountain sightseeing by Edmonton visitors.

As odd as it may seem, you would also get closer to the mountains by traveling South. It is a long drive, but the closer you get to Calgary, the more the mountains become visible. Driving down Highway 2, you will begin to see mountains just South of Red Deer.

In Summary

  • You can not see Mountains from Edmonton, Alberta. Even from tall buildings.
  • You have to travel approximately 2 hours (around 200kms) West of Edmonton, to see the closest mountain ranges.
  • You can also get closer to the Rocky mountains by going South. Calgary is very close to the Mountains.