Does Alberta Have Earthquakes?

If you were to ask the average Albertan to guess how many earthquakes there are each year in Alberta, most of them would probably guess zero. But this would be wrong.

Does Alberta have Earthquakes? Alberta has averaged 165 Earthquakes per year from 2006-2018. Most earthquakes in Alberta occur on the Western side of the province, particularly along the Rocky Mountains.

Most Albertans have never experienced an earthquake, because most earthquakes do not occur in densely populated areas. Those that do, are typically mild.

If you live in a large city like Calgary or Edmonton, the chances of experiencing a significant earthquake are very low, but not impossible.

Generally speaking, an earthquake capable of severe damage to buildings would be over a 6.0 ML. Alberta has not yet recorded an earthquake that high.

This explains why most people would not associate Alberta with earthquakes, even though there are many on a yearly basis.

Everything You Need to Know About Alberta Earthquakes

Alberta is not known for most common types of natural disasters. The province is too far inland for hurricanes, and the last evidence of a volcano eruption is from the paleocene and cretaceous eras.

There are some tornados in Alberta every year, but not as many as tornado alley in the U.S.A.

Overall, Alberta is a fairly safe place to live as far as natural disasters go. Assuming you can brave the deep cold winters.

In Summary

  • There a plenty of earthquakes in Alberta, but they are mostly of smaller magnitude.
  • The majority of the earthquakes in Alberta are along the Rocky Mountains.
  • If you live in the highly populated areas such as Edmonton, Red Deer or Calgary, the earthquakes are very rare there. This explains why most Albertans have never experienced an earthquake, or at least one of any significance.