Does Alberta Health Care Expire?

Alberta did away with health care premiums back in 2009. These days, the Alberta Health Care plan (AHCIP) covers most essential needs without a premium.

You simply need to be registered with the Alberta Health care program, and you will be issued a card with a number. That number is attached to your identity.

Does Alberta Health Care Expire? No. Alberta Health Care does not expire. Your Alberta Health Care number stays the same and never needs to be renewed.

However, if you are outside of Alberta for more than 212 days (7 months), you will need to re-register when you return to the province. This could be due to long term work outside of Alberta, long term vacationing or if you move.

It should also be noted that there is a such thing as a temporary AHCIP plan that does have an expiry date. These are AHCIP plans for temporary workers from outside of Canada with a work permit.