How Many Cars Can You Sell in a Year in Alberta?

Most people are unaware of the fact that there are rules and limits on selling vehicles. Each province has their own set of rules and restrictions.

How Many Cars Can You Sell in a Year in Alberta? You can sell zero cars in Alberta without a seller’s license. There is an exception for selling your personal vehicle.

Selling or “flipping” vehicles in Alberta is prohibited without a permit. Many people do it without knowing it is illegal.

People who sell vehicles regularly without the proper legal documentation are known as ”curbers”. It is basically the car selling version of being a ”poacher”.

It is perfectly legal to sell your personal vehicle as a private sale. If you sell a large number of personal vehicles, you will receive legal information from the authorities. Though it is not clear how many personal vehicle sales annually would trigger suspicion.

These laws also apply to professional dealerships, not just backyard mechanics.

The legality and licensing of vehicle selling is governed by the AMVIC (Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Counsel)

In Summary

  • It is illegal to sell or ”flip” vehicles in Alberta without a selling licence through AMVIC.
  • There are exceptions for selling your personal vehicle.
  • Too many personal vehicle sales can trigger warnings. It is unclear on how many annual private sales would lead to legal issues.
  • The law applies to everyone including both backyard mechanics and dealerships.
  • Unlicensed vehicle sellers are known as ”Curbers”.