How Many Numbers in Alberta Health Card?

Your Alberta Health care card contains personal information such as your name and birth date. It also includes a Health Care number that allows you access to many medical services in Alberta.

The Alberta Health Card number is 9 digits long.

You can use this number when using health care services or ordering a new card. It is best practice to take care of your Alberta Health Care card, and have it with you at all times, or whenever possible. You will not be denied care without it, but it makes the process much smoother.

Does Your Alberta Health Care Number Ever Change?

No, your Alberta Health Care number will never change. Once your number has been created, it becomes permanently attached to your identity.

How to get a Replacement Alberta Health Care Card:

To get a new or replacement card, simply follow the instructions here.

To prevent damage to your Alberta Health Care card, you can laminate it for safe keeping.

In Summary

  • There are 9 Digits in the Alberta Health Care number
  • The 9 digit personal identification number is on your Alberta Health Care card
  • These cards tend to be flimsy and damage prone, but you can laminate them
  • Your Health Care number stays with you your whole life and never changes