When do Bears Hibernate in Alberta?

Alberta has 2 kinds of bears. The black bear and the grizzly bear. They both spend the fall season eating as much as they can to fatten up and prepare for hibernation.

When do bears hibernate in Alberta? Alberta bears hibernate from around November to early April. They basically spend the entire winter in hibernation.

All about bear hibernation in Alberta

During this time, their heart rate will slow down significantly. They will not eat at all, which leads to a lot of weight loss.

As it warms up in the spring, around April, the bears will come out of hibernation with a huge appetite.

In Summary

  • Bears in Alberta hibernate over the winter, from around November to early April.
  • The 2 kinds of bears in Alberta, grizzly and black bears, will generally hibernate around the same time.
  • Bears eat a lot in the fall to prepare for hibernation, then come out of hibernation in the spring very hungry.
  • Hibernation is a when the bears are in a slower state. Their heart rates drop, and they don’t eat.