Are There Badgers in Alberta?

The North American badger of the mustelidae family, is found in many parts of Canada and the U.S.A. Mostly in open or grassy regions. They tend to avoid heavily forested areas.

Are there badgers in Alberta? There are badgers in Alberta. Mostly in the Parkland Region and Grassland Region.

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The 4 subspecies of North American badger are:

  1. jeffersoni
  2. berlandieri
  3. jacksonii
  4. taxus

The most common badger in Alberta is the taxus. This subspecies is considered “sensitive”.

A declining badger population can actually be harmful to other small mammals. Badgers dig and burrow. This creates convenient hiding opportunities for the protection of other small animals.

In Summary

  • There are badgers in Alberta and throughout North America.
  • The subspecies of North American badger found in Alberta is the taxus.
  • Badgers in Alberta are mostly found in the Grassland and Parkland Regions.
  • Taxus Badgers in Alberta are ranked as ”sensitive”. A declining population is bad for other small mammals that use badger holes to hide from predators.