Are there Botflies in Alberta?

Botflies also go by the names Nasal Bots, Skin Warbles, Maggots or Myiasis. You could also refer to them by their Family name of Oestridae. As adults they kind of look like big furry houseflies.

Are there any botflies in Alberta? There are 3 major groups of botflies in Alberta and the rest of Western Canada. Nasal Bot Flies, Caribou Warble Flies, and Rodent Bot Flies.

They are mostly harmless to humans, but you can find them anywhere there are mammal wildlife such as caribou, mule deer and rodents.

Here is a great detailed read on the types of bot flies found in Alberta:

Everything there is to know about bot flies in Alberta

Difference Between Bot Flies and Houseflies

Bot flies differ from other flues like typical houseflies in a number of ways. The biggest difference is in the needs of the larvae.

A bot fly larvae needs to get it’s nutrition from the cells and fluids from a living mammal. This is why animals in the wild are occasionally infested with them.

Most types of bot flies are not directly harmful to humans, aside from complications such as an infection following their removal.

In Summary

  • There are bot flies in Alberta and throughout Western Canada.
  • The 3 major bot fly groups in this region are the Nasal Bot Fly, Caribou Warble Fly, and the Rodent Bot Fly.
  • Bot flies go by other names such as Nasal Bots, Skin Warbles, Maggots or Myiasis.
  • They are mostly harmless to humans, and mostly infest wildlife and rodents.