Can You Make Moonshine in Alberta?

They call it ”moonshine” because people used to make it at night. They secretly made it at night because it was illegal. Moonshine is a high proof spirit that is outlawed in many places around the world due to health and safety concerns.

Can you make moonshine in Alberta? It is illegal to make moonshine in Alberta without proper legal permissions. It is possible for a brewery to manufacture and sell moonshine in Alberta with permits and licensing.

Here is an interesting read about an Edmonton man who started making moonshine. He took all the necessary legal steps with the Alberta:

To take his white lightning to market, de Groot said he had to work closely with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to attain the proper licences.

Read The CBC Article here

Without the proper licensing from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the average citizen is not allowed to make moonshine privately. It is considered to be highly dangerous.

The most relevant section of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act is the following:

Taken from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.

Read the Full Act here

Moonshine is considered to be a ”spirit”. According to this act, an adult may make cider, wine and beer up to a certain legal quantity. However, you can not make spirits without a license.

In Summary

  • Moonshine is illegal or controlled in many places in the world. It gets it’s name from illegal brewing at night time.
  • It is not legal to make homemade moonshine in Alberta.
  • It is possible to make moonshine in Alberta with proper licensing.
  • Other types of homemade alcohol are legal to brew in Alberta without licensing. You can make beer, wine and cider. There are legal quantity limits.